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Scewo BRO: All-Terrain & Stair Climbing Power Wheelchair

The Scewo BRO is the world’s only all-terrain power wheelchair that combines driving on two wheels and climbing stairs.

by: Natalie Rotschi July, 2022 5 min read

The Scewo BRO is the world’s only all-terrain power wheelchair that combines driving on two wheels and climbing stairs. It can be operated without torso stability and can master uneven surfaces just as easily as stairs and inclines.


The chairlift not only ensures easy transferring but also makes it possible to talk to other people at eye level. Developed by and for people with limited mobility, their concerns and wishes have been at the forefront throughout design and development.

The pioneering design of the Scewo BRO has already received several awards, including the Swiss MedTech Award 2021, the German Design Award 2021 and the RedDot Award 2019 Best of the Best.


The new generation of power wheelchairs

The Scewo BRO allays fears and concerns about travelling with a spinal cord injury. Our customers jet off all over Europe with their innovative power wheelchairs with no corners spared.


José was one of our first customers, and in this article, we’ll share with you how our innovative powerchair has empowered him with his newly gained freedom. This includes exploring Italy, including venturing to the beautiful sun-drenched island region of Sicily with his BRO power wheelchair.


Rediscovering beach walks

Understandably, José’s most memorable experience was the pleasure of rediscovering beach walks and enjoying the joy of the water and playing with his children.

“I was able to drive BRO almost to the waterside so that I could play in the sand with my children; for them, it's the greatest thing to have their father with them everywhere again”, he enthusiastically recalled. The BRO powerchair could drive on the sand very well, but José advises that “in soft sand, the wheels can sink in”.

New perspectives

In addition to his beach holidays, José visited various producers throughout mainland Italy and Sicily last year for his speciality shop La Peppina AG. Many of the machines, such as grinders, are not made for wheelchair users: “In the past, my partner always had to film everything that was explained, and I watched the videos afterwards so I could see inside the machines”.

Thanks to BRO, this is a thing of the past:

“With the seat lift, I can now fully see the equipment and the processes involved. For me, this feature is one of the best things about BRO.”

Besides the productions, José also visited olive and orange plantations - no problem with BRO.

BRO as an eye-catcher

During his trip, the Italian steps featured in cities and towns across the peninsula were also not overlooked. Many Italian cities have beautiful staircases crafted of natural stone that lead to churches, houses and viewpoints overlooking the area.

One of these leads to his favourite restaurant: “When we came down the stairs to the restaurant, everyone stopped eating. It's probably because many people in Italy don't (yet) know BRO and are surprised by the unique stair climbing power wheelchair”.

Carefree travelling with an SCI

One of the empowering and life-changing things about BRO for José is that the fear of spontaneously undertaking something is gone:

“In the past, we had to plan our trips very precisely and always had to pick out the restaurants in advance. Today I visit catacombs, go to golf courses, and can visit producers that are only accessible by stairs.”

Besides all the newfound freedom, there is only one slight disadvantage: getting out of the car today takes more space than with his manual wheelchair. However, the positive aspects far outweigh the disadvantages for José.


After Italy, his next adventure with the Scewo BRO all-terrain power wheelchair is already waiting: “I am looking forward to visiting my family in northern Spain with the BRO soon.”

If you’d like to learn more about the Scewo BRO, visit the Scewo website -

Do you have questions or concerns about wheelchair accessible holidays? Get your SCI questions answered by the Navigator Team by sending us a message or contacting us on 0800 373 858

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