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The Oswestry Standing Frame for Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation

Our frames were initially used for rehabilitation post spinal cord injury, but many studies have also shown that they aid neurological conditions such as MS (multiple sclerosis), cerebral palsy and stroke.

by: Einion Theo Davies August, 2022 5 min read

Spinal Injury Standing Frames

Our frames were initially used for rehabilitation post spinal cord injury, but many studies have also shown that they aid neurological conditions such as MS (multiple sclerosis), cerebral palsy and stroke.


We collaborate with the country's leading healthcare specialists to continually develop our products, using materials preferred by clinicians, further improving our standing frames over time.


Our spinal cord injury standing frames are available in fixed-height (wooden) and adjustable-height (wood and stainless steel) versions, with or without a powered lifting mechanism. They are robustly built yet relatively light in weight; the adjustable-height frame is quick and easy to dismantle for transportation or storage.


We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously, priding ourselves on being a carbon-neutral manufacturer while being competitive on pricing. Steamed beech wood is sourced from FSC sustainable sources, and we recycle all our sawdust into briquets to heat our workshop. Our low-stretch polypropylene webbing (fitted as standard) has a breaking strain of 300kg and excellent abrasion resistance, with each frame having a maximum weight capacity of 150kg.


Using standing frames in the home has been found to complement and ease the provision of over-stretched hospital-based services. A wide range of optional extras developed alongside clinicians is also available, including trunk supports, knee supports, various types of tables, leather straps and vinyl sleeves.


Custom Standing Frames Crafted in the UK

Our frames are made to order for use in shared services settings within healthcare partnerships or rehabilitation centres and hospitals through normal NHS procurement channels.


Our standing frames can also be prescribed through the NHS for patients to use in their homes, funding often being made available through insurance settlements or charities. Every standing frame comes with a 12-month parts and manufacture warranty.

Looking and feeling more like a sturdy piece of fine furniture than a medical appliance, the custom-built Oswestry Standing Frame is second-to-none in terms of comfort and effectiveness for physical and social development. Built to the optimum height for the individual user, the frame's robust beech and plywood construction ensures mid-line stability and encourages a posture that strengthens almost every muscle group in the body.

The frame has been skilfully designed to allow the body's respiratory and circulatory systems to work as nature intended whilst reducing the risk of scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and pressure ulcers caused by prolonged sitting or lying.

Designed with over 50 years of feedback from healthcare professionals in spinal injuries and lovingly built by craftsmen, the Custom Oswestry Standing Frame is the ultimate in standing frame comfort and build quality.

Find out more by visiting our website -

Do you have questions or want to learn more about how SCI standing frames could help you? Get your SCI questions answered by the Navigator Team by sending us a message or contacting us on 0800 373 858.

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